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The Breaks Interstate Park is one of only two interstate parks in the entire country. This park is 4600 acres of beautiful greenery and is unique in both the experiences and amazing looks into history that it provides visitors. There is plenty of fun to be had at the park and even places to stay if one day is not enough to fully experience everything The Breaks has to offer. This amazing place is always a must see while we are in Kentucky or Virginia.

What to do While Visiting the Park

The Breaks offers many adventurous and exciting activities throughout the park. From relaxing while horseback riding to heart racing whitewater rafting, there are many different ways to view Pine mountain and enjoy the park.

Hiking the Trails

The Breaks Interstate Park is a hikers dream. With more than 25 miles of trails throughout the park that vary in length and terrain, even the most advanced hiker can find excitement and challenge on the trails. Most of the trails are less than a mile in length, but many interconnect to create experiences for any skill level. The variety of physical features, terrain, and elevation are what make the trails at the Breaks Interstate Park so special.

Canyon Rim Zipline

Experience amazing views of the park while zip lining the rim of the Russell Fork River Gorge. The Breaks opened the Canyon Rim Zip Line in the fall of 2017, making this the newest adventure attraction in the park. Follow trained guides over 2,000 feet of line and through three stops all while gaining a new understanding of why the gorge is nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of the South”. Each trip on the zip line takes about an hour and a half to complete and it is currently priced at $45 per person.

Whitewater Rafting

The Breaks Interstate Park is a host for heart racing whitewater rafting. Raft the rapids of the Russell Fork River through the gorge in the Breaks. The river comes with different levels of difficulty, ranging from Class Two all the way through Class Six. A section of the river is so violent that it is considered one of the hardest rafting experiences East of the Mississippi. Which leads to the recommendation of only going on the river with an experienced guide. The Breaks does not offer guided rafting, but many outfitters offer excursions on the river.

Rock Climbing

The Breaks offers five locations for rock climbing throughout the park. These locations were picked because they provide climbers with a thrilling climb while impacting the surrounding environments in the park as little as possible. The park does not provide any rock climbing equipment, but there are anchors already put in place. Bring your own equipment and experience a unique climb on the natural rock formations in the park.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding at the Breaks is back! The stables have been re-opened and the park offers two types of rides depending on age. Kids, ten years or younger can be led around the stables by a wrangler, while everyone eleven and older gets to ride with an experienced wrangler on a thirty-minute trail ride. The stable ride is $10 per child and the trail ride is $30 per person. Learn about the Breaks from the wrangler as you ride and experience the amazing views of the park while on horseback. We’re so glad horseback riding is back at the Breaks!

Beautiful Views

Splash! In the Park Waterpark

If you’re visiting the Breaks before Labor Day and are looking to cool off, the park offers its own waterpark. Splash! in the Park offers entertainment for everyone. This park features 4 waterslides, a current channel, in-pool basketball and volleyball areas, and a four thousand square-foot beach entry leisure pool.

2019 Waterpark Admission Prices:

Monday – Friday
Under four feet tall – $6
Four feet tall and over – $8
Seniors (age 55+) – $6
Infants age 1 and under – Free

Saturday – Sunday
Under four feet tall – $8
Four feet tall and over – $10
Seniors (age 55+) – $8
Infants age 1 and under – Free

The waterpark also offers pavilion rentals for birthday parties and corporate events. Visit the website for more information on prices and specifications!

Scenic Overlooks

Experience breath-taking views while learning the history of the Breaks at the various scenic overlooks located within the park. View both the states of Kentucky and Virginia at the Stateline overlook. Also, learn of the tragic events that lead two star-crossed lovers to leap to their death at Lover’s Leap. Each overlook provides different views of the Breaks amazing landscape.

Where to Stay at the Park

The Breaks Interstate Park offers various lodging and accommodations if you plan on spending multiple days in the park as we did. We made the choice to tent camp at the campground because we love camping and it is the cheapest option for a multiple night stay in the park. There are other options in the park that may provide a more comfortable stay if camping is not desired such as the Lodge hotel, log cabins, and cottages.

The Lodge

The Lodge is an 81 room, two suite hotel offered in the Breaks. They offer rooms that have a single king-sized bed or two full-sized beds. The usual furnishings come in each room such as television, ironing board with iron, coffee pot, and refrigerator. The suites also have kitchenettes with cookware and dishes included. The lodge is the only indoor lodging that allows pets for an additional fee and offers smoking and non-smoking room options.

Lakefront Cabins

Rest and relaxation are guaranteed in the lakefront log cabins located on Laurel Lake. The cabins have multiple stories with three bedrooms, a bathroom, living area, and fully furnished kitchens. There is a fifth cabin with the same amenities that has two bedrooms and is handicap accessible. All cabins are non-smoking and do not allow pets. Enjoy views of the lake on the spacious cabins balconies and also enjoy activities on the lake as you stay such as paddle boating.

Woodland Cottages

The park also offers four woodland cottages for rent located near Beaver Pond. These cottages come with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living area, and fully equipped kitchens. They are split level and can sleep up to six adults. Enjoy the quiet of the forest while you rest and relax in one of the beautiful cottages. All cottages are non-smoking and do not allow pets.


If you are looking to fully immerse yourself in the Breaks Interstate Park experience, camping is available. There are 138 campsites that range from tent only, to full RV hookups. Options for sites include primitive, electric and water, or electric, water, and sewer. The campground has a laundry facility, bathhouse, and store. A playground and basketball court are available for additional entertainment.

Campground Rates:
Primitive Site: $19 per night, plus tax
Site with electric service and water: $26 per night, plus tax
Site with electric service, water, and sewer: $28 per night, plus tax

As you explore the Breaks, you may stand where Daniel Boone once stood on his journey to find a new way into Kentucky. He discovered the only passage through the 125-mile-long Pine mountain, giving the area its name The Breaks. If you are looking for adventure, rest and relaxation, or fun family time, The Breaks Interstate park provides all of that and so much more.

Continue reading below for my list of a few tips for when you visit this amazing park!

Amazing Views Of Pine Mountain

Tips for visiting The Breaks-

• If you plan on hiking the trails, bring plenty of water. Some of the trails are over a mile long and interconnect, so plenty of water is required if you want to complete them in full. We tried completing a trail in full and had to turn back due to the lack of enough water. We were bummed to miss the river!

• Bug Spray is a must-have item. The mosquitos and other flying insects are a nuisance, which is expected in the forest. Bringing bug spray is important if you want to enjoy your trip without being bitten and swarmed all over. I recommend the strongest but safest bug spray you can find.

• Read all warning and information signs. There are many signs throughout the park that provide very useful information. Whether it is a trail length sign or a warning of snakes in the area, they are all important. There are even a few signs of what to do if you encounter a bear, which could save your life.

• Grab a map. If you want to make sure you see everything the Breaks has to offer, pick up a map at the visitors center. There is so much to see and experience at the park, a map makes it easier to find your way around.

• If you are staying at the campground, make sure you dispose of all trash in the provided trash bins. The bins are made to keep animals safe and out of the trash so it is common courtesy to use them.

Leave a comment with any additional tips or experiences you had while visiting the Breaks Interstate Park!

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