Travel Websites and Magazines That Pay Freelance Writers

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When envisioning your future freelance writing career, do you see yourself sitting at your computer desk at home, or are you traveling the world and writing about all of your adventures?

If your answer is the ladder, then finding publications that are willing to pay you for your travel stories and tips on traveling, is the first step to starting your freelance writing career.

Luckily, there are many websites and magazines out there that are willing to pay you for your stories, tips, and adventures while traveling. Doing your research and finding these publications is important when developing your career in freelance travel writing.

So, here are eight websites and magazines that pay freelance travel writers to write about traveling.

Matador Network

Matador Network

Matador Travel Network is constantly seeking out individuals who are willing to contribute their awesome travel stories on their site. Travel writers can join the Matador Creators Community, which is a hub for writing opportunities created by Matador Network. Join the community and check out the marketplace for travel writing jobs and even opportunities for paid press trips. Matador Travel Network provides many opportunities for travel writers to find paid writing work.

  • Payment ranges based on assignment. Other writers have reported payment between $0.03-$0.20 per word.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is an award-winning online publication that gives their readers all of the information they need to know on destinations, things to do, and advice on traveling. Lonely Planet looks for talented contributions to write digital travel content, news on travel, and their world-famous guidebooks. When submitting your pitch make sure to include a summary of your article idea, links to any previous work that will impress, and if the subject has been covered by Lonely Planet before or not.

  • Rate of pay varies and will be discussed upon acceptance of your pitch.

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is an awesome website filled with tips and tricks on multiple ways to save and earn money. Travel writers can contribute to the website by sharing their tips on various way to save money while traveling. The Penny Hoarder is looking for writers to create fun, unique, and evergreen articles of at least 900 words on personal experiences saving or earning money while traveling. Make sure you read featured articles before pitching to learn their desired tone and prevent pitching articles already published on their site.

  • Payment is discussed by an editor upon acceptance of your pitch. Most writers are paid around $75 per 700-900 world article.

Travel + Leisure Magazine


Travel + Leisure magazine is a popular travel magazine that provides tips to readers on where to go and what to do while traveling. Travel + Leisure is a huge publication and is read millions of readers, so being published in the magazine is a great opportunity for freelance travel writers. Since Travel + Leisure is such a high-end market, when submitting make sure to read some of the magazine first to establish the appropriate tone and write a killer pitch to stand out from the other submissions. Travel + Leisure is primarily written by freelance writers so establishing a relationship can lead to great work.

  • Published writers report Travel + Leisure pays up to $1 per word, this is not specified on their website.

National Geographic Traveler


National Geographic Traveler is one of the most desired publications for freelance travel writers. National Geographic traveler is visually driven so make sure to include your best pictures in your article. National Geographic loves articles featuring travel oddities, lesser-known cultural traditions, and natural wonders. They are not looking for narratives, hotel or product reviews, and food stories. Send them a brief paragraph about your ideas including links to your previous publications to get their attention.

  • Details of payment are discussed upon acceptance of your pitch.

Go World Travel


Go World Travel is a travel magazine that looks for contributors who love travel and can write well. They accept articles from 850-1,600 words in length that are descriptive and include several photos. They are not interested in the usual list of things to do or see at a destination. They love down-to-earth, descriptive, first-person narratives that help readers experience destinations. Make sure to go over their site to learn their writing style and review articles that have already been published.

  • Payment is $30-$40 per article upon publication.

The Expeditioner


The Expeditioner is a travel site that features travel articles, news, and videos. The Expeditioner is in search of first-person narratives from 1,200 words and up. They occasionally accept “Top 10” or non-narrative pieces, but not as many anymore. Their only requirement is for your piece to be interesting, informative, and inspiring to fellow travelers.

  • Payment is $30 per article. Payment is made after publication. They also include an author bio with links to your website.

Backpacker Magazine


Backpacker Magazine is a proud sponsor of Leave No Trace. Every article published is required to follow Leave No Trace’s ecological policies and they do not promote the use of motorized vehicles in the wilderness or backcountry. Backpacker primarily publishes foot-based travel such as hiking, and wilderness or backcountry backpacking. Freelancers are encouraged to submit articles that fall into one of Backpackers departments. These assignments are shorter, around 100-1,200 words, and have specific topics. Some of the departments include life lists, done in a day, and weekend trips. Make sure all information is reliable and include confirmation of all facts and figures.

  • Payment ranges from $0.40 to over $1.00 per word depending upon the demands of the article that is written.

If freelance travel writing is the career that you desire, these websites and publications are a great start. Each one provides many great opportunities for new and experienced freelance travel writers to find work. There are many more online publications and websites that hire freelance travel writers so do your research if you want to increase your experience freelance travel writing beyond the ones that I have provided.

If you know of any more online publications or magazines that hire freelance travel writers, leave them in the comments below for fellow freelance travel writers!

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