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In my previous post, I highlight 7 blogs that every freelance writer should follow for writing advice and tips. For this post, I will be going over 6 travel blogs that provide the best travel blogging tips!

Just like so many others, I have fallen in love with travel blogging. To the point where I have been completely obsessed with learning anything and everything there is to know about the craft. In my countless hours of researching and learning about travel blogging, I have come across many travel blogs offering amazing advice and tips on how to make a career out of travel blogging. In an effort to help any beginner thinking about starting off in travel blogging or anyone looking to improve their travel blogging business, I decided to highlight travel blogs that offer the best tips and advice on travel blogging.

The Planet D

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If you are looking for travel power couple inspiration look no further than Dave and Deb of The Planet D. Traveling and blogging about it for the past 8 years has led them to develop their motto “Adventure is for Everyone”, inspiring even the most average person to step out of their comfort zone and find adventure through travel. Their work with some of the top travel brands and companies and the awards they’ve won prove they are a reliable source for travel blogging information. Their willingness to help fellow travelers and bloggers make them an essential travel couple to follow.

Essential The Planet D Blog Posts

Goats On The Road

Arika Writes-GoatsOnTheRoad

Goats on the Road is a travel blog ran by Nick and Dariece, a travel couple from Canada. After becoming bored with their daily routines, they decided traveling was the answer. For them, there was no escaping the travel bug which eventually led to a need to make money to extend their time on the road. This is why they created Goats on the Road and have a desire to help others achieve their dreams of creating income while traveling. This is one blog that I go to constantly for travel blogging advice and tips because of the reliability of the information that they post.

Essential Goats On The Road Blog Posts

Adventure In You

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Adventure in You is the brainchild of two travelers, Anna and Tom. They both started out on solo backpacking trips, met along the way, then decided to travel the world together instead.  Adventure in you was started with a passion for helping others have the best experience while traveling, they extended that passion to help others change their lives through travel blogging. Their free blogging training is a useful free tool for learning their fast lane blogging strategies and their travel blogging articles are always full of valuable information.

Essential Adventure In You Blog Posts

Young Adventuress

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Liz Carlson is a female solo traveler and creator of the travel blog Young Adventuress. She started traveling at the age of 16 and 12 years later she travels that world solo and makes six figures every year doing it. Liz is an amazing writer and if you love witty sarcasm and don’t mind a little swearing, her blog is a great fit. Her experience traveling for over a decade and blogging about it makes her a trustworthy source for travel blogging information.

Essential Young Adventuress Blog Posts

Be My Travel Muse

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Be My Travel Muse is a solo female travel based blog, created by Kristin Addis. Addis quit her job as an investment banker in 2012, sold her belongings and began her solo female travel mission on a one-way flight to Bangkok. Now, Be My Travel Muse is a one-stop resource for solo travel and destination specific advice. Kristin also shares awesome travel blogging advice with her readers who seek to make a career out of traveling and travel blogging.

Essential Be My Travel Muse Blog Posts


Arika Writes-YTravel

y Travel is proof that traveling after having children is possible. Caroline and Craig Makepeace are a married couple from Australia who travel the world with their children Kalyra and Savannah and write about their adventures as they go. Their passion for travel and extraordinary blogging ability has even led to the granting of their U.S. green card! They now live out of an RV with their children while road tripping around the United States. When they aren’t blogging about their travels, they are helping others live out their dreams of travel blogging by sharing what they have learned on their blogging journey.

Essential YTravel Blog Posts

That is it for my list of the travel blogs I have come across offering the best travel blogging tips! These blogs have helped me in numerous ways on my journey of beginning a career in travel blogging, and I hope they can help you as well!

If you have any suggestions on other blogs that provide awesome travel blogging tips and advice, share them in the comments below! Also, check out my previous post on 7 blogs every freelance writer should be following for awesome writing tips and advice!

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