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In order to become the ultimate travel blogger, you need the best travel blogging resources. At first, your required to learn about every aspect of travel blogging including designing a website, social media managing, and even just traveling in general. This can be extremely overwhelming. Without great resources, it can be difficult to get started in travel blogging. So, here are my recommendations for travel blogging resources.

WordPress Plugins

Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Yoast SEO helps users with search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is super important because it is how Google ranks posts on its search engine. Yoast SEO makes it easier to choose keywords that will lead to a higher ranking on Google and Bing, gaining you visitors and increasing your readers engagement. Yoast SEO offers a free and premium version.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is a firewall and malware scanner designed to protect WordPress websites against security threats. Website security is important because most sites eventually become under attack by security threats of many kinds. Wordfence firewall prevents my site from being hacked by blocking the attackers and stopping their access. Wordfence security scanner scans for malware, trojans and many other security issues. Wordfence Security is essential to keeping my website safe and secure.



Akismet is a plugin that blocks spam comments from your WordPress site. This plugin saves time and increases productivity by reducing the amount of time spent deleting spam comments from your site. Getting started with Akismet is also super easy. Choose the plan that best fits you and activate the plugin to start blocking spam comments. Blocking spam comments using Akismet keeps my site credible and allows me to concentrate on more important blogging and freelance writing tasks!

Writing Resources


Grammarly is an online spelling and grammar checking platform that is one of the most useful writing resources I use for blogging and freelance writing. Grammarly not only checks for grammar and spelling but punctuation, style, and tone as well. Add the free google chrome extension and utilize the free version of Grammarly on emails, documents, and social media. Upgrade to the premium version and Grammarly will check for over 400 complex writing errors so you don’t have to.



Toggl is a time tracker used to track time spent on different tasks and projects. I listed Toggl as a writing resource because I use it to track time spent writing for my blog and freelance writing business. Toggl comes with a 30-day free trial and a free basic plan or premium plans with premium features that are more fit for team time tracking. Toggl offers a Chrome extension, phone apps and desktop apps that all remain in sync. So you can start and stop tracking time between each version of Toggl.

Social Media Automation


Tailwind is one of the most popular social media automation tools. Use tailwind to save time on social media by scheduling pins on Pinterest and posts on Instagram. Tailwind tracks audience engagement and traffic to help create the best posting schedule for your blog. The tracking of repins, likes, and comments on posts over time allows you to create posts and pins that lead to huge engagement. Tailwind saves time wasted on social media, leaving more time for other blogging tasks.



Hootsuite is another common social media marketing tool. Hootsuite lets you manage multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Stay active on social media by scheduling multiple posts at once, on each of your accounts. Hootsuite has both paid and free versions. The Professional version includes 10 social profiles, unlimited scheduling, and social profile analytics. I currently use the free version which includes 3 social media profiles and 30 scheduled posts. I will be upgrading in the near future in order to properly analyze my social media profiles.


Buffer is another great social media management tool that gives users the opportunity to schedule, analyze, and reply on multiple social media accounts. This tool makes managing multiple social media accounts easier and less time consuming by allowing users to schedule posts beforehand instead of manually. Buffer offers multiple account options for personal or businesses and annual or monthly billing. If you like to try before you buy like I do, sign up for buffers basic free plan and manage up to 3 accounts and schedule up to 10 posts.

Travel Resources


Expedia is a one-stop shop for booking flights, hotels, car rentals, and even vacation packages. It is easy to create a free account on Expedia and start earning points with their rewards system by booking through their site. You can use these points to save money on future bookings and travels. Expedia also offers savings on booking for their account members. Expedia offers bundle and save options which bundle flights, hotels, and car rentals together to save on the bookings. is an excellent travel resource that has allowed me to save money on my bookings to use on my many adventures.


TripAdvisor is a travel and restaurant review website. TripAdvisor is my number 1 resource for reviews on activities, accommodations, and restaurants near my location while traveling. TripAdvisor helps me plan every trip by allowing me to compare prices and reviews on flights, hotels, and restaurants. Giving me the relief of knowing that my travel decisions will be made based on the best and most trustworthy information on Tripadvisor. Using TripAdvisor allows me to browse things to do near my location by category and includes reviews, prices and booking when applicable.



Roadtrippers makes planning road trips super easy for me. Begin planning your trip by choosing a starting point and destination. Roadtrippers will map out the quickest route and show places and activities near your route that you can choose as waypoints. I also use Roadtrippers to view activities and places near my destination after we have arrived to plan what we will be doing while we are there. Roadtrippers has a free ios app that allows me to plan trips right on my phone and edit trips as we go. They recently started offering a premium version of Roadtrippers which has lead to limitations on the free version, but I still use it for every road trip.


Every travel blogger needs great resources to use while navigating the ins and outs of travel blogging. Using the resources I have listed in combination with the many other extremely useful blogging resources available will allow you to put your best foot forward on the journey to becoming the best travel blogger you can be!

If you have any awesome travel blogging resources, share them with fellow travel bloggers in the comments below!

18 thoughts on “Top Travel Blogging Resources for Travel Bloggers

  1. Ellie

    I always find posts like these super helpful! I am hoping to be able to work more on my blog in the coming months and hopefully go self hosted too – it’s these types of posts I need to add to my bookmarks!

  2. Alice

    This is really interesting! I’ve only just started a blog and would have never thought about these plugins or resources! It’s a lot of help 😊

  3. April

    I am linking this post to my six months blogging journey this is very helpful! Were the same about TripAdvisor and thanks for sharing this I learned a couple of new websites that are very helpful!

  4. Susanne

    This post is super helpful! I hadn’t heard of Toggl before but it sounds like fun and a handy way to keep track of the time. I love the idea of roadtrippers and rest assured I am going to use on my next trip 🙂

  5. Alyssa

    This post is so helpful. There was a couple of companies I had not heard of before that you have suggested so I will be investigating these!
    Thank you for posting!


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