Thinking About Freelance Writing? 9 Reasons Why It’s Time to Start!

You’ve decided working a 9-5 full-time job is not for you. You wake up every morning dreading going to work and you come home every evening tired and feeling unfulfilled in your current position.

You want out.

You’ve been researching freelance work and have come across freelance writing online. It sparks your interest, but you’re unsure if freelance working is right for you.

I’m here to tell you to go for it!

You’ve taken the first step by deciding you want something different, so here are 9 reasons why it’s time for you to start your career in freelance writing.

Work for yourself

The possibility of working for myself instead of a business was one of the main factors that led me to start looking for freelance writing work. Honestly, who is going to appreciate all of your hard work more than yourself? Working for yourself is more rewarding than working for a company because you work to make money for you and not a business.

Work from home

Working from home is becoming a dream for more and more workers as time passes. Who wouldn’t want to work from the comfort of their own home every day? Freelance writing is a career that turns this dream into a reality for many people. Working from home is not only convenient but it also saves money over time! Not having to drive to work saves miles and wear on the family car and also saves on gas. There is also no need to purchase separate work clothing because working in pajamas or yoga pants is totally okay!

Make your own schedule

Working online freelance writing means freedom to work whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if you work better at five in the morning or five in the evening, you get to set your own schedule however you please. This is why freelance writing is perfect for stay at home parents! Parents can work while the kids are sleeping or at school so expensive daycare and babysitting won’t be a requirement anymore.

Make full-time money working part-time

As you increase your experience with freelance writing you will have the opportunities to increase your rates and complete projects for higher compensation. This makes it a possibility to work part-time while still making full-time money! Working part-time while making full-time money frees up more time for other hobbies, better self-care, or even more traveling. This also gives you the opportunity to spend more time with the special people in your life such as friends and family.

Freedom to work and travel

Who doesn’t love to travel? I know traveling is a big part of my life, so a job that accommodates that aspect is very important to me. A career in freelance writing online can make it a possibility to travel while you work! Since freelance writing really only requires internet and a laptop, you can work from virtually anywhere. Being a travel freelance writer gives me the opportunity to write and make money from any destination I decide to experience next.

There is always going to be a demand

The demand for writers is always going to be there. This means that freelance writing can provide a lifetime of work. The high demand for writers also means many options for work and the ability to turn freelance writing into a career. As long as the internet continues to thrive, and businesses make new websites, there will be a demand for freelance writers.

You can do this and work other jobs

Some people look into freelance writing as a full-time career. But maybe you’re just interested in an opportunity to make money on the side of your main job. Freelance writing is still a perfect option for you. You can work as little or as often as you want with freelance writing, making it easier to schedule writing time around your work schedule.

You don’t have to invest a lot to start

There are many options to start off with when it comes to starting a career in the freelance world. But, some options require more startup investments than others. This is where freelance writing has an advantage. If you have an interest in starting out in freelance writing, all you need is a laptop or computer and internet connection. Which most of us already have! This makes freelance writing one of the least expensive freelance fields to start off in.

You can’t get fired

I have known many people who walk on eggshells at their job because they do not want to get fired. They continuously worry if they are doing well enough at their job because if they aren’t, they may be fired. With freelance writing, this isn’t a worry because you can’t be fired. Contracts may drop you with little notice, but once you have more freelance writing experience finding other work isn’t as hard as finding a new job after being fired.

And the list can go on and on.

There are many more reasons to get into the freelance writing field. If you want to work for yourself from home, freelance writing may be the perfect opportunity for you!

Share in the comments below the reasons why you started freelance writing, and why others should too!

8 thoughts on “Thinking About Freelance Writing? 9 Reasons Why It’s Time to Start!

  1. Georgia

    I’m really enjoying blogging as a hobby at the moment, but am considering monetising and writing professionally once I have children in the next few years. Glad you are having such a good experience freelancing!

    Georgia –

    1. Arika Post author

      It really has been a great start for me! I’m learning more and more every day and really think this is the right path for me. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Jess

    I would love to know more about freelance writing. I’m considering making the bold move and going freelance in my life.

    I’d love to see a post on how you got there… Qualifications, how you started etc.

    I know there’s many people who often think they’re not qualified for these roles and therefore never persue anything!

    Really great post with some really interesting points.

    Jess (coffee and corfu)

    1. Arika Post author

      Freelance writing is quite fun and rewarding, you should definitely look more into starting. I’m glad you liked my post!


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