Discovering the Hawaiian Islands: Adventures on Lanai and Molokai

The Islands of Hawaii are a dream for every traveler. With their beautiful landscape that provides breathtaking views and the welcoming atmosphere, there is no question why! Even the smallest Hawaiian Islands, Lanai and Molokai offer many exciting adventures and epic excursions that prove when it comes to the islands, size does not matter!


The island of Lanai is the smallest of the Hawaiian Islands. With its small size and population, comes privacy. Many fellow visitors report barely seeing anyone while visiting on the island. This island may be smaller than the rest of the islands, but a vacation here can still be packed with big thrills and fun adventures!

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a very popular activity on the Island of Lanai. Sit back and relax while discovering the lush forests of Lanai on horseback. You may even encounter deer or wild turkeys while riding in the woodlands! Also, enjoy the beautiful views of Lanai’s neighboring islands Maui and Molokai. Trails on Lanai vary in difficulty, so riders of all ages and skill levels can experience its’ amazing scenery and near perfect views.

Off Roading

With only 30 miles of the Island of Lanai’s roads being paved, off-road exploration is the best way to experience all that this island has to offer. Take a thrilling 4×4 ride through the rugged terrain and arrive at Lanai’s remote white sand beaches. One of which has an abandoned ship stuck in its rigorous current! Continue your heart racing trek off road to Lanai’s stunning rock garden and end it at the secluded Polihua Beach.

Hike Koloiki Ridge

Immerse yourself in beautiful Hawaiian nature on the five-mile hike along Koloiki Ridge. This hike is moderately difficult and takes about two to three hours to complete it in full. The trail is lined with beautiful native Hawaiian plants and pine trees. Find the motivation to complete the hike and the amazing views of Molokai and Maui at the top of the ridge will make the effort worth it. On a clear day, you may even be able to see the peaks of the Big Island.

Snorkel in Hulopoe Bay

Hulopoe Bay is Lanai’s best spot for snorkeling, scuba diving, and even just swimming. The crystal clear blue waters are the calmest waters surrounding the Island and host many species of colorful fish. The calm waters are perfect for beginners, so all skill levels can enjoy the awesome aquatic life. Don’t forget to visit the tide pools while you’re there! You can snorkel and swim in the large tide pools and then enjoy sunbathing on Hulopoe Beach.

If you’re seeking a private Hawaiian vacation with beautiful scenic views, Lanai is the perfect Island.


The second smallest Hawaiian Island is the Island of Molokai. Molokai is sometimes referred to as the most Hawaiian Island because stepping onto this island is like stepping back in Hawaiian time. Without traffic lights, shopping malls, and many inhabitants, this island really takes you back to its roots. Molokai may be only thirty-eight miles long, but there is no lack of activities and fun to be had while on a vacation here!

Visit Kalaupapa National Historic Park

Kalaupapa National Historic Park was home to exiled victims of leprosy in the 1800s. Today, tour the site and learn of its historic significance to Lanai Island. The park can be accessed only by hiking or hitching a ride on a mule along the huge two-thousand-foot sea cliffs. The magnificent views make the three-mile trek worth it. If traveling along sea cliffs is not for you, you can also visit the site via small airplane which should provide exceptional views as well.

Scuba Dive Hawaii’s Longest Reef

The southern shore of the Island of Molokai contains Hawaii’s longest continuous fringing reef. This 28-mile-long reef is home to many varieties of colorful reef fish and coral making it a prime spot for scuba diving. Tour the reef while diving to experience all of the amazing aquatic life such as manta rays and Hawaiian sea turtles!

Hike Halawa Valley

Halawa Valley is one of five valleys on Molokai Island. Halawa Valley is special because it is the only one of Molokai’s valleys that is easily accessible by guided hiking tour. During the moderate hike, you will observe hidden places of Hawaiian worship and a gorgeous 250-foot waterfall made up of two tiers. Halawa Valley is more proof of Molokai’s historical significance to the state of Hawaii.

Fish in Kaunakakai Harbor

Kaunakakai harbor is home to the Kaunakakai pier. Kaunakakai pier is the longest pier for fishing in the state of Hawaii. Big game such as ahi tuna, marlin, and ono bring top thrills to even the most experienced fishermen. Fishing charters that depart from Kaunakakai harbor are also available for fishermen who prefer deep-sea fishing on the water. Charters provide all gear and the captains are available to assist anyone who needs it, so beginners can also enjoy the excitement of fishing big game as well.

The Islands of Lanai and Molokai are the most underrated of the inhabited Hawaiian Islands. Their small size may seem uninteresting to some, but this is what brings peace and quiet to those who are willing to give them a chance. These two islands offer similar activities and thrills of the rest of the Hawaiian Islands, without the busyness of cities and huge populations which creates the perfect vacation in the state of Hawaii.

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