About Me

Looking for a passionate and professional freelance writer to help lighten your huge workload?..

Hi! I’m Arika

I am a freelance writer for hire with a passion for travel and new experiences!

If you’re looking for a writer who creates content that attracts readers and exceeds expectations, I’m your girl!

I am certified in Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization meaning my writing can help advance your blog or websites presence in the online world.

I write high quality and engaging content that is delivered on-time and formatted to your liking. My copy will help your business meet its goals and aspirations while being crisp and clean.

If you’re a fellow traveler searching for tips, advice, or ideas on your next adventure, I’m also your girl!

I love traveling to new places and sharing my experiences. My ultimate goal is to help others create amazing and exciting adventures by learning from my travel tips and/or mistakes.

Thanks for stopping by and following me on my journey towards a full-time online writing career and many, many, more fun and exciting travels!