6 Must-Have Music Festival Essentials for a Successful Festival

What is more exciting than a vacation that includes a music festival? Personally, traveling to a great festival is always on my summer bucket list.

Maybe you’re a newbie to music festivals, or even a seasoned vet ready to venture into camping festivals. Either way, you want to be prepared.

Any time spent worrying about unnecessary things is time taken away from enjoying everything the music festival has to offer!

These 6 must-have items can help keep your festival-going experience stress-free.


If you are camping at the festival you are attending, a tent is an obvious must-have item.

I suggest a smaller tent over a bigger one. Camping spots are usually small so a big tent would use up most of your precious camping space. Also, smaller tents can fit under canopies for extra shade which will lead to more sleep.

Some festivals even allow you to camp next to your car. I prefer these because your car can be extra storage space and you don’t have to carry your things from your car to your camping space.

At many festivals, sleeping in your car is frowned upon and sometimes even considered dangerous because of the extremely hot temperatures during festival season. Be prepared and bring a tent, it will be more comfortable in the long run!

Canopy w/tapestries

Some festival campgrounds are located in huge fields with almost no shade. This means man-made shade is extremely important when cooling down yourself and your campsite during a heat-filled day.

Purchasing a canopy is a must.

Imagine coming back to your campsite for rest after baking in the sun all day, only to find it is also baking in the sun. Your tent is obviously a million degrees, making it impossible to sleep inside. How are you going to get any rest before going out all night?

This is where a canopy comes to your rescue.

Placing your tent under the canopy can help keep it cool and attaching tapestries to the canopy can provide even more shade.

Sometimes, when our tent is still too stuffy, I choose to sleep under just our canopy on our air couches. When I get lucky, I can catch the perfect breeze and take the best nap to recharge myself.

Camelback/ reusable water bottle

It is music festival season! This means it is HOT!

You’re dancing, and walking miles around the festival grounds to see your favorite artists. This is an equation for an extreme loss of one of your bodies most important elements, water.

Most camelbacks can hold up to 2 Liters of water and are so portable they will not interrupt your shuffling or flow arts.

Lets also not forget to appreciate the pockets included with your camelback. Need somewhere to put your phone when you’re not taking awesome pics and videos? Of course, you need to carry your chapstick and sunscreen with you. My boyfriend puts his poi in his when he isn’t spinning them.

Everyone knows that pockets are essential.

Just make sure you check your festivals rules on camelbacks. Some festivals only allow certain amounts of pockets or certain sizes of backpacks. Checking the festival website to make sure can save you a lot of hassle at the security check lanes.

If camelbacks aren’t for you, a reusable water bottle can be an alternative. Some come with carabiner clips that can be clipped on to a belt loop making them hands-free. They’re also environmentally friendly and can save you from having to purchase expensive water bottles inside the festival.

Cooling towel

I’ll admit, I’ve only recently purchased cooling towels for my boyfriend and me to bring along with us to festivals. I truly had no idea what we were missing out on! Don’t be me!

These towels are a necessity during the hot days summer can bring. Soaking these with ice-cold cooler water before embarking on whatever adventures await the day, is a life saver. You can also re-wet them at water refill stations inside the festival.

I recommend wearing it as a bandanna on your head, it feels amazing and keeps you cool!

Propane grill

Vendor food at a festival is expensive.

It can cost between $10-$12 for a filling meal. That adds up to around $100 for a three-day festival!

Instead, I suggest investing in a propane grill and buying your own groceries to skip buying the unhealthy and expensive vendor food.

I purchased an inexpensive propane grill from Walmart and I love it!

Combining this one-time investment with simple groceries has allowed me to save so much money overall. Money saved on food can be reallocated towards other fun purchases or festival essentials.

Make sure your grill is propane because charcoal is not allowed at music festivals.

Air couch

A fellow festival going friend of mine introduced me to the air couch after attending Electric Forest in 2016. He noticed them in use everywhere and had to purchase one.

This is understandable because they are genius.

Most festivals have little to no seating, and it fills up quickly. An air couch will save you from sitting on the ground and provide seating anywhere on the festival grounds.

All you use is air to fill it up and you instantly have a couch to comfortably sit on.

My boyfriend and I like to bring ours out during the day to lounge and eat lunch on while we enjoy the music.

Just don’t fill it up too much, I’ve personally popped one of ours and have seen numerous others make the mistake as well.

I wouldn’t recommend buying one from a vendor at the festival. The inflation of the price at the festival is ridiculous. One can run you around $40-$50 there, or you can buy one off Amazon or in-store for around $20!


These six items are just the beginning when it comes to everything you may possibly need at a music festival. But, having these six festival essentials is the best first step toward a successful music festival.

If you have any more suggestions for music festival essentials or festival tips, please leave them in a comment below!

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