30 Blog Post Ideas for When You’re Not Traveling


Travel blogging does not always involve traveling full-time. Yes, I may travel more than most but there are times where I am home for a stretch and have to work in order to save up for our next adventure. As a travel blogger, having to come up with ideas for blogs post that are not destination specific can be difficult and time-consuming. So here are 30 travel blog post ideas for when you’re a travel blogger who is stuck at home.

1. Best Travel Apps- Traveling can be tough sometimes. Luckily, we now have apps that can make it a lot easier. Create a list of your favorite/most useful travel apps and share them with your readers.

2. How to Travel on a Budget- Are you an amazing budget traveler? Share your tips and tricks for traveling while on a budget. Traveling can become expensive so someone will highly appreciate this post.

3. Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling- Nobody likes getting sick while on vacation. Share your home remedies or hacks for staying healthy while traveling.

4. Packing Lists- Packing lists are always useful. Who doesn’t want to be prepared when traveling? Every packing list I read has at least one thing I would have never thought to pack on it. Be that reminder to your readers.

5. Favorite Travel Books- If you love to read about all things travel, share your favorite travel books with your readers. Books can be extremely helpful when learning about new places and cultures.

6. Favorite Travel Quotes- I love using travel quotes to fuel my wanderlust fire. Use this post to share your favorite inspirational travel quotes.

7. Top Travel Hacks- Have some awesome hacks that make traveling a bit easier? Share them and help others travel easier as well.

8. How to Book Cheap Flights- This is something I constantly search when I am looking into flying to my destination. Any money saved on this expense can be used to extend my travels!

9. How to Book Cheap Hotels- Hotels are one of the most expensive parts of traveling. Any advice on this subject can greatly help someone looking to save on their next adventure.

10. How to Start a Travel Blog- Travel blogging is a great opportunity to make money while traveling. Teach others how to get started in the industry by sharing your tips.

11. Travel Bucket List- Create a list of your top travel destinations. This will let your readers know a little bit more about you.

12. Bucket List Attractions in Your Hometown- Who knows your hometown better than you right? Share your expertise on some of your special spots and teach your readers of the place that you call home when you’re not traveling.

13. How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight- Share your best tips for surviving long flights.

14. Traveling With a Special Diet- Food allergies, gluten-free, and lactose intolerance are just a few special diets that make traveling difficult. If you travel with a special diet, write about it.

15. Safety Tips for Solo Traveling- Solo travel is daunting. Share your experience and help others face their fear of traveling alone.


16. How to Take Better Travel Photos- Share your hacks for taking better travel photos. Help your readers capture their adventures while traveling and create memories that will last a lifetime.

17. Best/Worst Things You’ve Eaten While Traveling- For this idea you can create two different posts on the best and worst things you’ve eaten, or just wrap it all up into one post.

18. How to Travel With Only a Carry-on- Fitting everything for a trip into only a carry-on takes skill. Help others save money by sharing how you can fit everything into such a small space.

19. Hotel Vs Airbnb- If you frequently stay in hotels and Airbnb’s while you travel, create a post about them. Compare and contrast the two options and maybe even recommend the one you prefer.

20. Top Travel Resources- There are so many resources that help make traveling easier. Whether it’s a book, website, or app, highlight the ones you love in this post.

21. Top Hacks for Cheaper Travel- Share your hacks for making travel cheaper.

22. Favorite Travel Bloggers- I love finding inspiration and help from fellow travel bloggers. If you have a few favorites, highlight them in a post.

23. How to Get Sponsored Travel Opportunities- Sponsored travel is the ultimate goal for most travel bloggers. Teach fellow bloggers how to find and apply for sponsored travel opportunities.

24. Best Places to Visit on a Road Trip- If you’re a road trip warrior like myself, share the best places you’ve visited while on a road trip.

25. How to Make Money as a Travel Blogger- Share your skills in making money with travel blogging.

26. Top WordPress Plugins for Travel Blogs- If you use WordPress, create a list of the best plugins that you use for your blog.

27. How to Successfully Pack a Suitcase- Packing in a smart way can give you extra space in your luggage and save you money. Share this post with your readers and teach them your smart packing ways.

28. How to Plan a Group Trip- Planning a trip for a group of people can be extremely difficult. Help others plan a successful trip by creating this post.

29. How to Make Money While Traveling- Making money while traveling is awesome. Share the ways you make money while traveling, they don’t even have to be related to blogging.

30. Advantages of Traveling- There are so many advantages to frequent travel. Inspire others to travel more by sharing how travel has positively affected you.

There you have it! 30 blog post ideas for when you’re stuck at home. Hopefully, this inspires some awesome future blog posts and cures any fellow travel blogger of their writers block. Refer back to this post and never run out of blog post ideas again!

If you have any more suggestion/awesome blog post ideas please leave them in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “30 Blog Post Ideas for When You’re Not Traveling

  1. Ellie

    I love posts like this, they’re so useful! Having a travel blog can be so hard in the *saving interim* between trips! These are great ideas 👍 As my blog is London based, I write a lot about things to do in London to keep me ticking over …

  2. Marissa McDaniel

    These are really great ideas! I’m not a travel blogger but I always wondered what kind of niche content travel bloggers could share while not traveling and honestly, if I was a travel blogger, I would have felt like I hit the jackpot with this post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Arika Post author

      It’s definitely tricky to come up with posts in-between traveling. I’m glad you enjoyed my post even though you do not blog about traveling!

  3. Laura

    I really enjoyed this post. Very useful tips and blog ideas. I am.pretty new to blogging and, although, I don’t have a specific niche I do want to cover travel on my blog. I’ve been a few places that I would like to write about. Thanks for sharng x


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